Written two years ago. My tribute to Sheila Kitzinger. RIP Sheila.


  • Sheila.  Oh Sheila.  What can I say?  You brought me into a hypnotic state with your wonderful story telling approach to speaking. I watched and listened in awe.  My subconscious took it all in, and I was hooked. You were amazing.  It was so gripping, my conscious mind remembers nothing.  I  took away, that women matter. That birth matters. And we can all do something about it. I felt joy, empowered and excited. Thank you.  What I wrote down was that you are the first person to talk about something that should be talked about a lot more.  Drug companies.  You told us that you had approached the Advertising Standards Association, to complain about an advert that Bayer has produced, with dodgy statistical claims about maternal death in childbirth. The ASA upheld your claim. The advert was changed.  Go girl! You also said that Doulas protect birth.  And Doulas protect women.  Thanks Sheila.  Read her book, Birth and Sex: the power and the passion, by Sheila Kitzinger.

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