Familiarity, passion and the obvious

So, I’m thinking ahead, for another year.  Making plans, visualising my future, writing my affirmations.  But I have a problem.  I find that teaching HypnoBirthing and normal birth has got to the point where it is all so obvious to me, that I can’t remember that spark of amazement and fascination that I once had when realising that birth is an amazing, normal, empowering event, that has been spoiled and damaged by systems and society.  Birth is a loving, compassionate, feminine event, that has been masculinised, medicalised and become fearful and aggressive.  I want to be a part of changing that for people, and I feel like I have found my niche in life.  I love seeing people transform in front of me in my classes.  I love being at births, and standing back as the power of nature takes over.  But the “obviousness” of it all is threatening my passion.  So, my goals for 2011 are to reignite the fire and passion, and remember that it is not obvious just because I am very familiar with it.  My goal for 2011 is to do what I have been doing, teaching HypnoBirthing, teaching midwives, teaching the one day Mindful Mamma class and doing it better and better, and learning more and more from all of you.  Thank-you for being my inspiration.