When will I no longer be needed….

“I will no longer teach HypnoBirthing when society regards birth as exciting and joyous, not painful and dangerous.  Until then, I help parents let go of their fears and prepare themselves mentally for birth.  I provide Hypnobirthing antenatal classes”.

“I will no longer be a birth doula when the NHS provides ongoing midwife support – the same person you get to know and trust who listens to you druing pregnancy and is next to you throughout your birth.  Until then, I provide a birth doula service”.

“I will no longer be a post-natal doula when our culture stops expecting women to walk from their birth after 2 hours, be left alone after two weeks in a house that needs tidying and cleaning and a baby that needs 24hour care, when she herself needs looking after.  Until that time, I am a post natal doula”.

Mia Scotland, Clinical Psychologist, HypnoBirthing practitioner, birth preparation service, birth doula service, post natal support service, Mindful Mamma workshop founder.

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