Birth Debrief: Why debrief can do harm and how to actually help

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This course will help you to: 

  • understand why and how debrief can make things worse
  • understand why birth can lead to trauma
  • understand the nature of trauma and how listening can help
  • increase your confidence and enjoyment of doing debriefs
  • hone your listening and compassionate skills, and understand why that matters

Five modules, packed with information, quizzes and questionnaires, and an opportunity to reflect on what you have learnt. There is a self-report measuring tool for you to fill out before the course, and again after the course, to be able to chart changes in your knowledge and confidence  as a result of you taking this course.

Module one: On the nature of birth in a medicalised world
Module two: On the nature of Birth Trauma
Module three: On the psychology of trauma and why debrief can do more harm than good
Module four: on other areas of trauma, including secondary trauma
Module five: how to ensure that your debrief brings relief plus practical tips

Following this course, we want you to feel enthused, excited and confident about the very valuable role that you can play in supporting women, birthing people, partners, fathers and babies who have had traumatic births.

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