Birth Doula Service: Birth doula service

The research is clear: hiring a doula is one of the main factors that will hep you to have a better birth. We know that uou can’t put a price on feeling safe, looked after, listened to, understood, important, and good, during your pregnancy and birth. This is true for mum, but it is also increasingly true for dad. Hiring a doula helps to meet your needs to feel safe, listened to, respected and looked after. This might mean that you want your doula to protect your space as a couple, and to ensure that dad can do the attentive, loving role during the birth. It does not mean that a doula is replacing the father’s role.

Mia’s doula package of care:


  • Please note that I am no longer providing an in-labour doula service. I am still providing the following though:


  • Personalised ongoing birth preparation support from your home .
  • Consultation and advice about how to work with the NHS to get your best birth.
  • After-the-birth follow-up meetings and support in your home

Mia is trained with the reputable Michel Odent, and is recognised with Doula UK.





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