Birth Doula Service: About Mia the doula

{Mia was a fantastic doula and I would recommend her to any-one. She made me feel calm and safe}

About Mia

I have been a birth doula since 2009.  I trained with the reputable Michel Odent – a famous name in the birthing field.

I have been to over 30 births, covering Leicester General, Leicester Royal, Nottingham City, Queens Medical Centre, Royal Derby and Lincoln hospital, as well as numerous home births.

I have a particular passion for the Psychology of Birth, and understanding how good preparation is key to a good birth.  Being trained in psychology, I specialise in the psychological conditions that are important for helping women birth at their best, in a way which not all midwives or doctors do.

I am a Clinical Psychologist – I am trained to really listen to, and to respond to people in a sensitive and understanding manner.  I can adapt flexibly to your individual needs as they change and arise.

I have three children, all born without pain medication, but all born in very different circumstances.  I believe that trusting the process of birth at a very deep level is an important part of being an effective doula.  If I can do it, any-one can!

I know all the Mindful Mamma® and HypnoBirthing® techniques and can help you to apply them easily and effectively on the day.

I have regular contact with midwives, and I teach them in the psychology of normal birth and hypnosis for childbirth on a regular basis. In other words, I get on well with midwives, and this helps with the smooth running of your special day.

I have had fantastic feedback from previous clients and great statistics. To see more, scroll down!

{If I am going to be at your birth, I am committed to making sure you’re prepared – not for any noble reason, but simply because it makes my job so much easier}

Mia’s Statistics:

I’ve now been a doula for 29 births, it’s time to let you know how things have gone – just for fun!

27 (93%) vaginal births

17 (59%) no drugs at all

8 (27%) just gas and air

2 VBAC (out of three that I attended)

15 (52%) home births

9 (31%) first time mums

2 (7%) caesarean sections

0 (0%) asked for an epidural (excludes those who had medical intervention)

0 (0%) ventouse

2 (7%) forceps

2 (7%) born so quickly I didn’t even get there!

2 (7%) born en caul (rare, and a sign of a gentle birth)