Birth Debrief: Why it can hinder and alternative ways of supporting trauma

Co-presented by Mia Scotland, author of “Why Perinatal Depression Matters” and the inimitable Mark Harris, author of “Men, Love and Birth“. Held at the home of our publishers, Pinter and Martin, in London.

What you can expect from the day:

  • Exploration of why research suggests that debrief can do more harm than good.
  • What actually happens during trauma, and how can debriefing both help and harm?
  • How to make debriefing effective and therapeutic.
  • Focusing on language and communication to enhance natural healing.
  • Practical techniques for supporting people who have been distressed by their births, drawing from NLP and psychology.

Next Date: Monday 27th February 2017 in London, 10.00 until 4.30 (registration from 9.30).

This workshop is open to all professions who find themselves with couples who have been upset by birth, and who are looking for ways to help people move through the distress.

Price includes all refreshments, a lovely venue and an opportunity to buy signed copies of books.

£65 (£45 for doulas and students). Scroll down to book your place.



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