Workshops: Postnatal Mental Health

Postnatal Mental Health: using psychological skills to help families reduce postnatal mental health problems

 What you will learn
  • Explore the role that our expectations have on perinatal mental illness
  • Knowing about anxiety, phobia, trauma, OCD, depression and more
  • Perinatal OCD and psychosis – know the difference
  • What about fathers and babies?
  • How to support families experiencing postnatal mental health problems
  • How to activate the placebo effect and decrease the nocebo effect
  • The Baby Moon and Postnatal recovery plans
  • Listening to women so that women will talk
  • Tips and techniques for helping including free relaxation MP3 to give to mums

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot I didn’t know.  It will definitely help me going forward.  Thank-you”

Just £70 (£55 for unwaged). Includes a beautiful venue and refreshments.
In-house training days also available.
Contact or phone 07969 830929 to find out more
Mia has been a Clinical Psychologist, specialising in Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for over 20 years. She has been working with women in the perinatal period since 2005 and is a qualified antenatal instructor and birth doula. She is the author of “Why Perinatal Depression Matters” published by Pinter and Martin.