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All workshops run from 10.00 until 4.30, and include an attendance certificate to count towards your revalidation.

mumsimage2For Wannabe midwives: The Psychological Needs of a Woman in Labour  Especially designed for wannabe midwives who need to enhance their application, but open to experienced midwives alike, this day covers the psychological aspects of physiological birth, giving you a valuable reminder of how to facilitate normal physiological birth and bonding.

mhstress2 Day Rewind process workshop
 A skills based workshop, where you will learn a powerful, safe and effective technique for lifting the raw and anxiety provoking aspects of a difficult birth.  After these two days, you will come away with a wonderful NLP technique (also known as the Rewind technique) which you will be able to begin using straight away with people who describe their birth as upsetting and “raw”. Following this workshop, you will be invited to be a member of our exclusive practitioner’s support group, where you can receive ongoing advice and support for the future.
mhcompassionCoping in the NHS: Resilience and Self-Care:  You already know that compassionate care makes you a better midwife, but you might be finding it harder in the face of ongoing challenges of working in the NHS.  Learn the psychology behind compassionate care, learn simple and effective techniques for enhancing your compassionate care, and learn techniques to build you personal resilience to help you continue to be compassionate and safe.
mhstressWorking with Fear in Childbearing: Fear is an increasingly important psychological issue in the perinatal period. We will explore the phenomenon of fear in birth.  We will show you simple and effective techniques for helping a woman reduce her fear, both before and during labour.  Find out how hypnobirthing can reduce fear dramatically. Learn how to manage your own fears too with on the spot hypnosis techniques.
midwiveshomePostnatal Mental Health: The few days and weeks following the birth of a baby is a vulnerable time for new mothers. How can you, as a birth professional, enhance your care of new mothers?  Learn about the most common perinatal mental health problems, thereby increasing your confidence in asking the right questions. Learn effective psychological listening techniques, so that you can increase your chances of picking up on mental health problems.  As always, our courses also give you the opportunity to reflect on your own stressors and pressures, so that you can maximise your psychological availability to others.  Come and be inspired.
mhworkshopTeam days for promoting normality and building resilience:  This in-service study day will lift your team’s spirits, will teach specific cutting edge skills to help towards building compassion, and teach valuable techniques for building resilience in each and every participant.  Only £495 for a full day (this price includes VAT).
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