Workshops: For Wannabe Midwives…..

The Psychological needs of a woman in labour

Do you want to get onto midwifery training, but struggling to build your experience profile? Or are you already a midwife, and you want to refresh your understanding of facilitating normal, physiological birth?

This workshop is designed to help.  It is specifically for you. Only £45 for the whole day, includes a lovely venue and wide choice of refreshments.

What we cover:

  • the psychology of birth
  • birth philosophies
  • hormones and the impact of fear
  • the basic needs of a birthing woman
  • antenatal education
  • assisting normal physiological birth
  • traumatic birth

When: Next date TBA

Where: Pera Business Park, Melton Mowbray

How much:  £45 

For more information, phone on 0845 868 5904 or 07969 830929 or email