One to One Therapy: Trauma release

If you, or any-one you know, is suffering from Trauma, or unresolved issues, you can get help.

  • Do you struggle to switch off when you get back from work?
  • When you think about it, do you feel upset or anxious?
  • Does it creep up on you emotionally, when you don’t want it to?
  • Have you been more irritable, had problems sleeping or been more weepy since the event?
  • Have you got a specific fear or phobia?
  • Are you having problems getting over some-one or something?

The Rewind technique might help you.

One of the most useful psychological advances of recent years, is the ability to treat the effects of trauma.  Mia has been doing so successfully for nearly 18 years.  Using a combination of cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnosis and the very effective Rewind technique, Mia has a very impressive track record of relieving trauma quickly and effectively.

Cost for hourly one to one session (includes Skype):

  •  £90 per session (school times)
  •  £120 per session (evenings)