One to One Therapy: Compassion Focused Therapy

If you have done the Compassionate Midwifery study day, you are probably interested in developing your ability to use this model for yourself: to enhance your well being and self care.  This will help you stay more resilient in your work, and enjoy life more. Or you might have a specific issue that you would like to address, using this model.

Learn to recognise and become aware of your internal critic, learn to engage and enhance your compassionate resources.  Using meditative, psychological and self-hypnotic techniques, Mia will guide you through your own self-awareness and development program.

Cost for hourly face to face session:

  •  £90 per session (school times)
  •  £120 per session (evenings)

Cost for hourly telephone sessions

  • £60 per phone call (school hours)
  • £80 per phone call (evenings)