In Service Study Days: Benefits for your team

{The team were overwhelmingly positive about the day; so I would like to book 3 further sessions over the next 6 months}

In line with Department of Health’s strategy to recognise and promote resilience for the health and well-being of individuals, we provide in-service training days for your team, to promote normality, enhance resilience and boost morale in a challenging work environment.

Team building days to reduce sickness and absence, reduce stress levels, enhance preceptorship and staff retention. Put the emotion and passion back into your workforce with these inspiring psychological workshops.

Workshops tailored to suit you, but can include:

  • revisiting professional identity and pride
  • understanding professional and personal challenges
  • developing personal skills to boost resilience
  • psychological tips and techniques for stress reduction
  • enhancing compassion and care in our work
  • work-life balance and self-care skills
  • a breath of fresh air!

Choose between the following, or “pick and mix” to suit your team

Coping in the NHS: Resilience and Compassionate Care:  You already know that compassionate care makes you a better midwife, but you might be finding it harder in the face of ongoing challenges of working in the NHS.  Learn the psychology behind compassionate care, learn simple and effective techniques for enhancing your compassionate care, and learn techniques to build you personal resilience to help you continue to be compassionate and safe.

Antenatal Mental Health/tokophobia: Antenatal Anxiety and Depression is on the increase, and fear is an increasingly important psychological issue in the perinatal period. We will explore the phenomenon of fear, anxiety, depression, ocd, tokophobia and more, during pregnancy.  We will explore the impact this can have on the family, and help you be more confident and aware when talking to families. We will show you simple and effective techniques for helping a woman reduce her fear, both antenatally and during labour.  Learn how to manage your own fears too with on the spot relaxation and hypnotic techniques.

Perinatal Mental Health: Worried about working with people with mental health issues? Not sure how to ask about it? Worried about opening cans of worms, or saying the wrong thing? Learn how you, as a birth professional, can enhance your care of new families. Learn about the most common perinatal mental health problems, how society makes things worse, and what you can do to help. Learn effective psychological listening techniques, including ground breaking psychology, such as how to activate the placebo effect, so that you can feel confident in your work with mental health issues. Come and be inspired, invigorated and keen to get out there and make a difference.

Birth Trauma: What is birth trauma, what are the symptoms, what causes it, how to spot it, what you can do about it. Increase your team’s confidence and skills whenworking with people upset by their births. We teach ways of encouraging self-healing, learn when to refer on, and boost your enjoyment of making a real difference to people’s lives following a traumatic birth. Consider service delivery issues such as debriefing services or feedback services.

3 Step Rewind Method for easing traumatic stress: a two day workshop to up-skill your team in how to actually make a significant difference to women who are frightened to birth again. This wonderful, gentle, and effective to use method is proving very popular amongst midwives, health visitors and lactation consultants.



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