For Birth Professionals: Study days and CPD to inspire you

We specialise in offering high quality training days to enhance your skills and confidence when being with people in the perinatal period who might be struggling with traumatic births and mental health problems. Whether you are a midwife, a health visitor, a doctor, a doula, a psychologist, a yoga instructor, a hypnotherapist, or a nurse, these training days are for you.

We don’t just give you evidence based information that you can take back to your workplace, we also give you valuable life skills to take away, changing the way you feel about your work.  You will not find any other training days like these anywhere else.

The study days include “Birth Debrief, how it can harm and alternative ways of working” and a two day workshop on “the Three Step Rewind Technique for Easing a Traumatic Birth”. Mia also runs study days on Antenatal Mental Health, Tokophobia, Postnatal mental health, Compassionate Care in your Team and more.

We also run “arrange it yourself” study days to suit your team, in-house across the country. You find a venue and bring the people, and we come along. Contact us for more information.

“I would like to send my heart felt appreciation for an incredible day yesterday”.

Training Days

Putting Psychology into Birth and Maternity Care, these one day workshops help you understand and explore psychological issues around birth. These workshops get consistently outstanding feedback.

In house training

We provide in-service training days, to promote normality, enhance resilience and boost morale.

Personal improvement

Whether you are struggling, and want some support, or whether you simply want to be the best you can, Mia is an experienced therapist, counsellor and practitioner.

Up to 50% of births are described as “traumatic” by women. We don’t know what percentage of men describe their births as traumatic. If you come in contact with people around the birthing time, then you are coming into contact with people who have had traumatic births. If you would like to…….

  • feel that you can make a difference to some-one who is struggling
  • feel confident and excited about what you are doing
  • increase your knowledge and skills
  • enjoy working with difficult feelings and look forward to meeting people who are upset (yes, I did mean that)
  • keep yourself strong and resilient whilst processing their difficult feelings
  • be the person that they recommend to others, because you made a real difference

……….then these workshops may be of great interest to you.

Our popular training days include the following:

mumsimage2For Wannabe midwives: The Psychological Needs of a Woman in Labour  Especially designed for wannabe midwives who need to enhance their application, but open to experienced midwives alike, this day covers the psychological aspects of physiological birth, giving you a valuable reminder of how to facilitate normal physiological birth and bonding.

mhstress2 Day Release Birth trauma workshop
Are you often faced with a woman distressed about her birth, but you don’t know how to help, beyond being a great listener? What if you had a tool for releasing some of the locked in fear and anxiety around the first birth? The three step trauma release technique, also known as the Rewind technique does just that. In two days, we will show you how to use this simple, stress free technique for unlocking beliefs and feelings from a past birth, that are still playing on a woman (or a man’s) mind.  You will leave feeling competent and excited to go out there and actually make a difference. Following this workshop, you will be invited to be a member of our exclusive practitioner’s support group, where you can receive ongoing advice and support for the future.
mhcompassionCoping in the NHS: Resilience and Self-Care:  You already know that compassionate care makes you a better midwife, but you might be finding it harder in the face of ongoing challenges of working in the NHS.  Learn the psychology behind compassionate care, learn simple and effective techniques for enhancing your compassionate care, and learn techniques to build you personal resilience to help you continue to be compassionate and safe.
mhstressAntenatal Mental Health: Antenatal Anxiety and Depression is on the increase, and fear is an increasingly important psychological issue in the perinatal period. We will explore the phenomenon of fear, anxiety, depression, ocd, tokophobia and more, during pregnancy.  We will explore the impact this can have on the family, and help you be more confident and aware when talking to families. We will show you simple and effective techniques for helping a woman reduce her fear, both antenatally and during labour.  Learn how to manage your own fears too with on the spot relaxation and hypnotic techniques.
midwiveshomePerinatal Mental Health: Worried about working with people with mental health issues? Not sure how to ask about it? Worried about opening cans of worms, or saying the wrong thing? Learn how you, as a birth professional, can enhance your care of new families. Learn about the most common perinatal mental health problems, how society makes things worse, and what you can do to help. Learn effective psychological listening techniques, including ground breaking psychology, such as how to activate the placebo effect, so that you can feel confident in your work with mental health issues. Come and be inspired, invigorated and keen to get out there and make a difference.

Birth Debrief: Why it can hinder and alternative ways of supporting trauma:
 The research around birth debrief suggests that it can do more harm than good. Why is this? And yet, you feel intuitively that birth debrief can be really helpful. This inspirational study day explores what is going on in a debrief, and how you can avoid making things worse. We give you alternative ways to explore trauma, and help you to help women confidently and safely
Getting Men Talking: Fathers’ Perinatal Mental Health:dad-and-baby If you work with new parents, you are probably already aware of the importance of including fathers in any perinatal care and support that you provide. However, you may be struggling with finding concrete ways of actually implementing what you know is so important.
During this unique workshop we will explore how to actually reach out to men. Is men’s psychology different to women’s? Do we ask the same questions? Do men need the same input as women? Increase your awareness of paternal postnatal depression, birth trauma and suicidality, and build your confidence and skill set in engaging fathers.
mhworkshopTeam days for your team:  Not sure how to get to us? Mia will come to you. Our speciality is team building, morale and resilience building, with a special focus on delivering compassionate care. Tailor the day to suit you – whether you want a day on perinatal mental health, a day on engaging fathers, a day on the psychology of normal birth. Give me a ring and we can work out exactly what would be perfect for your team.
Mia is a clinical psychologist with expertise in counselling, cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and Compassionate Mind Training.  She has expert knowledge of assessing and treating a range of perinatal mental health problems.  She has worked for 15 years within the NHS, and has experience of training staff, both on an individual, supervisory, group, workshop and conference level.