About Mia the Hypnobirthing practitioner: About Mia the Hypnobirthing practitioner


Hello, and welcome to the page “about me”.  My hypnobirthing story started when I was pregnant with my third baby, I used hypnobirthing because the idea of being positive about birth really appealed to me.  I had had two boys already, and I now know that if I had done hypnobirthing with my first, the labour would have been very different indeed.  With my hypnobirth, the midwife didn’t believe I was in labour.  That was 9 years ago, and I have been teaching hypnobirthing with a passion, ever since.  I have taught nearly 1000 couples, and have taught both private one to one classes and group classes in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

{A wonderful lady, amazing relaxation techniques, and the best money I spent in the whole of 2010}

Keith, a first time dad, 2010


I have been teaching Marie Mongan’s method for 8 years.  Four years ago I teamed up with Sophie Fletcher, (the author of Mindful Hypnobirthing) and we developed a one day hypnobirthing program that could deliver fast, effective, easy to learn NLP and hypnosis techniques for a gentle birth.  We have been teaching the popular Mindful Mamma method ever since. I have taught hypnobirthing to midwives, GPs, anaesthetists, pharmacists, well known TV presenters, rugby players and football players.  I also attend hypnobirths regularly in my capacity as a birth doula, and I run workshops for midwives on the psychology of birth.

{We’ve really enjoyed the course…your calm approach and patience have been so refreshing – thank-you!}

Sarah, August 2007 class


As a qualified Clinical Psychologist, my professionalism is based on a broad spectrum of experience and understanding about the human condition.  Clinical Psychology is a discipline that bases its knowledge on a firm evidence base, and takes about 8 years of training and experience to qualify. It is quite well paid, but I left the NHS in 2005 to teach hypnobirthing and have never looked back.


Contact me on 07969 830929 or mia@yourbirthright.co.uk.