In Person Therapy

Pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood is about change, and change can be very unsettling. If you feel that you would benefit from some compassionate, expert support and advice, then I might be able to help. I provide face to face sessions in the beautiful Hygge House in Leicester. With particular experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Antenatal and postnatal depression
  • Anxiety, including panic attacks, both in pregnancy and after birth
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and birth trauma
  • Perinatal Obsessional Compulsive Disorder
  • Childbirth preparation and counselling
  • Relationship and sexual problems
  • Parenting issues
  • Sleep problems
  • Birth injury
  • Tokophobia – fear of birth and/or pregnancy

Did you know that men can also suffer from postnatal depression, birth trauma and tokophobia? If you are an expectant father and you feel you could do with some expertise to help you navigate the changes that accompany becoming a new parent, contact Mia.

I am a Perinatal Clinical Psychologist, Birth Doula,  and author of “Why Postnatal Depression Matters” and “Birth Shock: how to recover from birth trauma”.  During your assessment, I will think about and share with you which approach I think will suit you best, and how many sessions might be appropriate (anything from 1 session to 20). The approach that I use draws on cognitive behaviour therapy, compassion focused therapy, positive psychology, and i am trained in the rewind method for lifting trauma. If you would like to discuss how I may be able to help you, please do book a session, or email me, text me, with any questions that you might have.

Fees are £110 per hourly session, I am registered with , AVIVA, AXA PPP,  Vitality and WPA, health insurance companies. Please note that I am not taking clients from Bupa at the moment. 

If you’d like to make a start to feeling better, please contact me on 07969830929, email me at or contact me via our contacts page

Mia Scotland, Perinatal Chartered Clinical Psychologist, C.Psych, BA(Hons) MSc. Clin.Psych

Registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS)and the Healthcare and  Professions Council (HCPC). Birth Doula, co-founder of the Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing program and author of “Why Postnatal Depression Matters” and “Birth Shock: how to recover from birth trauma