Without your help it wouldn’t have occurred to me to consider a c-section birth plan

Hi Mia,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you did for us. As you know, I was disappointed to miss out on a natural birth but Jimmy’s arrival was still a very positive experience. I’ve put together a birth story below, which you are welcome to use if it will help any of your clients in the future:

Thanks again,


As you know, I came to you as a ‘high risk’ pregnancy having had a caesarean following a failed induction in my first pregnancy. During my first delivery the procedures hadn’t been properly explained and my questions were treated with derision by the midwives, leaving me feeling bullied and lacking in confidence. An initial appointment with the consultant regarding a vbac was equally negative and I realised I would need some extra help, both in the delivery room and to put a suitable birth plan in place. As an added complication, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which resulted in an extra level of hospital intervention!

The Mindful Mamma course and our discussions were invaluable for several reasons. Firstly, your insightful questions enabled me to reflect and realise the ways in which my previous experiences affected my view of birth and to focus on the issues which were important to me when speaking with medical staff. Secondly, this helped me to draft a birth plan and to discuss it (and have it agreed) with the midwives.

I had already read the research relating to vbac, but the information you provided re the GD gave me the confidence to decline intervention until 42 weeks. The specialist midwife and consultant both advised that I was at risk of a silent stillbirth after 40 weeks as the placenta would deteriorate rapidly. I donated the cord blood and was extremely gratified to be told that they had obtained an excellent sample as the placenta was in such good condition!

Ultimately, having considered all the research, I agreed to an elective c-section at 42 weeks if I hadn’t gone into labour by then. Without your help it wouldn’t have occurred to me to consider a c-section birth plan, but I’m glad I did. We hadn’t discovered the baby’s gender before birth and were keen to discover this for ourselves. I also wanted to have skin to skin contact as soon as possible. The hospital staff were happy to assist with both of these requests and I felt very calm as I went into theatre. The hypnobirthing tracks really helped with that as well. James (Jimmy) was held up for us to see straight after his birth and placed on my chest, although he was so long that there wasn’t much space for him!

I had read the descriptions of hypnobirth babies as being very calm and alert but assumed that the effect would be lost in a c-section. However, I’m pleased to report that Jimmy is an alert and inquisitive baby. The only down side is that he doesn’t always want to miss out on things by taking a daytime nap – luckily he makes up for it at night!

Thank you again.

Kirsty, Colin, Dylan (proud big brother) & Jimmy