It went so smoothly

Hello Mia,

On 29th Sept my little boy Arlo finally arrived! He was 7 days late and I was getting a bit fed up, but it was great not to be induced this time. If you thought my first birth was quick, it was nothing compared to the 6 minutes of pushing this time! I wanted to email you because it was definitely down to the hypnobirthing that it went so smoothly and so fast. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

When I was checked after arriving at the hospital I was told I was only 2cm dilated, which was a huge disappointment as I’d spent 2 days with contractions on and off and by the time we went in to hospital I really felt I was more established than that. The midwife who saw me suggested they could find me a room there rather than being sent home, but after 10-15 minutes I suddenly felt a push! I was still in the triage ward so created quite a stir. They whisked me off into a room only just in the nick of time. George had been primed that he needed to say 321 relax relax relax for/with me and he kept doing that. It was what got me through, and every time I did it I could feel my body doing the pushing. I hardly needed to actually push myself. It was amazing! He says he could really see it working, that I relaxed through the contractions and my body did the work. It was great to hear that. He also had the list of prompts you’d written down and settled on saying ‘just go with it’ at appropriate moments which also really worked for me. There was obviously no opportunity for pain relief this time.

So after it all happened I felt so good and able to get up and walk. Not so weak and wobbly as after my first. I fed Arlo straight away, and even daddy had some skin to skin cuddles. He was alb exactly and just perfect 🙂

So thank you for your help and providing me with just the right things to help me with this birth. I’m so glad I had a session with you.

All the best,

Sally x