Tim helped to lift her on to me

hi mia,

just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you.

my husband tim & i came to your one day course in derby on may 18th (i think!) and really enjoyed the whole day.

we listened to the cd and practised tge affirmations and relaxations and they were so lovely – i know it was an effort for tim to stay awake through them, as it was so relaxing!

after refusing suggestions of induction (consultants seemed a bit obsessed about it, as i’m 41 and they didn’t want me to go over my due date), we went into hospital 3 days after edd for a scan and i suggested to tim that we put the bags in the car, as i ‘feel a bit funny’.

anyway, to cut a long story short, were directed straight to labour ward on arrival, and 9 hrs later, with just gas and air, Daisy floated into the world in a water birth on 1st july, weighing 7lb 12oz.

Tim helped to lift her onto me and we were left to enjoy a good few hours of peaceful, lovely family time before moving onto the maternity ward.

we played the cd while i was in the pool, had the lights down low and the midwives were
fantastic – quiet, unobtrusive and just as we had hoped.

i didn’t say much throughout labour, and tim said i was just in the ‘zone’.
through the pain, i actually felt in control and calm throughout, which we believe is down to hypnobirthing.

so – thankyou for helping us enjoy such a beautiful, calm, incredible birthing experience. as we wrote on our bits of paper on the course – ‘calm’, ‘warmth’, ‘baby’ ….. just everything we wanted!

thank you
will send a pic if you’d like to see miss daisy xx