I am still feeling euphoric from the experience

Philippa had been getting some pressure from midwives to accept induction due to baby being beyond due date. She had emailed me for some advice, to which I had replied. Here’s her response.

Hi Mia,

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me such a considered email, I’m so sorry I’m only just replying, only we have been busy HAVING A BABY!

I wanted to let you know that the day I emailed you I decided to spend a day out with my Mum just shopping and trying not to dwell on the situation. I got back home and read your email and instantly felt much calmer and more positive. I was compelled to sit on my birth ball and felt grateful and optimistic and resolved to follow your suggestions.

Later that evening I started to feel new sensations and continued sitting on the ball, practicing rotational movements, breathing techniques and calmly focusing my thoughts on dilation and downward energy late into the evening. At 10pm, my waters broke and I started to feel gentle contractions which were almost immediately 2 minutes apart and rapidly grew in intensity.

By 11pm we were on the way to the LRI and I was in the pool at the MLU by about 12:30am. I had the most incredible birth experience, drawing on my Hypnobirthing techniques, visualisations and anchors. My midwife studied my birth plan and respected all of my wishes for an undisturbed labour. After an intense but extremely empowering labour and delivery, my baby daughter was born in the pool at 2:51am. I needed no pain relief other than the water, breathing techniques and mindful meditation. My husband was the perfect companion, drawing on his hypnobirthing skills to be the support I needed.

I am still feeling euphoric from the experience. Throughout I was reaffirming to myself that I just needed to trust my body and my baby and it worked! I have no doubt that my hypnobirth studies played a big part in making it such a fabulous, safe birth. Fern and I have been able to calmly draw on our natural hormones to bond and establish breastfeeding which I am certain have been aided by the fact we had a natural, unassisted birth.

I also believe that your support and encouragement just when I needed it in the form of your email was the final push I needed to let go and trust my body and I’m so grateful that allowed me to avoid induction and intervention.

I’m currently staying at St Mary’s in Melton for a few days. I feel we have had the best possible start for our family and we’d like to thank you for your part in that. I’ve attached a photo of us moments after Fern’s birth which I hope you will agree shows just how fabulous the experience was.

Thanks again and very best regards,
Philippa, Phil & Fern