I remember my husband feeding me doughnuts in the bath!

Hi Mia, we attended your class at the end of March and I thought you mike like to know how got on afterwards. We had a beautiful baby boy on 9th June, weighing 8lbs 14oz. I cannot stop staring at him and am completely besotted! I had practised my relaxation lots beforehand, and felt very relaxed about the birth, family and friends commented on how laid back we were, I slept well throughout the third trimester, didn’t suffer any heartburn and felt the best I’d felt all through my pregnancy, and I’m convinced this was due to the hypnobirthing practice. when I went overdue by 9 days, it seemed like everyone else was getting impatient, some family/friends even sounded annoyed that I wasn’t trying any of the usual tricks to bring on labour (long walks/curries etc), but i didn’t feel the need at all, I knew my baby would arrive when he was ready.

I was offered a stretch and sweep on day 5 but refused because I knew my baby was going to come without any help. I even knew earlier in the day that I was going to go into labour that day , I didn’t have any warning signs really, I just had a feeling that it would be today. It really was the strangest feeling but I was very calm. I decided to have a nap as I knew it would be happening that evening and thought I’d better get some rest….that didn’t happen though, because whilst I was laying down, my waters broke and very soon after contractions began. I spent the first 7-8 hrs at home, with two short trips to hospital, once to confirm that my waters had gone , and the other because my contractions were 2 mins apart and I was unsure of baby’s movements, at home we were relaxed, and spent time in the bath listening to the relaxation music, I remember my husband feeding me doughnuts in the bath!

The contractions did become very intense after about 7-8 hours and I was struggling to breath through them, so we returned to hospital, where they confirmed that I was still only 2cm dilated ( which I had been hours before) at this point I had a mini melt down/ panic and began to doubt my ability to cope, I was even asking for an epidural. My wonderful midwife suggested that I have some pethidine, which I was glad to have, the next two hours were spent Lying on my side, listening to the music again, and with my husband rubbing my back and helping me to breathe through the contractions, I was very calm in between contractions and two hours later my contractions changed, they were different and I was beginning to get the urge to push with the odd contraction, I was examined again and I had dilated from 2-7cm in those two hours.

From this point I actually enjoyed the contractions and finally pushing the baby out which was definitely not painful and was a joy! I was so calm during this stage it was surreal. I had a pool in my room but did not make it into the pool as it was too late but the time my pethidine had worn off, but of course this didn’t matter now. My labour was 13 hrs from when my waters broke, but on paper my established labour was 2hrs 48 mins, not bad for a first baby!

So all in all I had a wonderful birth experience, apart from about an hour in the middle where i did panic, the rest was, dare I say it, enjoyable! From my point of view I had a perfect birth, before I attended and practiced the hypnobirthing , I had always been terrified of birth and presumed I would have an epidural, so for me it was a huge success. Next time I would practice again, however I think I would make sure to find time to practice with my husband as I feel this may have helped him to stay calm and support me when I was panicking. Sorry if this went on a bit! Thank you again for your brilliant course…  xx