They did a quick scan and found baby back to back

Hi Mia,

Apologies for not getting back to you. I have been using the tracks a lot and thankfully they all paid off and we had another little boy born on Sat 23rd at 2.50am weighing 8lbs1oz.

I went into labour on Friday afternoon using the breathing techniques you showed us and felt calm and confident. We went to the midwife birthing unit at the royal at 9pm and used the water pool which was great for the pain and the midwives on the unit were fantastic and supportive, they really got what I wanted. As labour progressed we realised that something maybe wasn’t 100% right so they did a quick scan and found baby back to back. But they were still keen to let nature do its thing and just gave me a lot of support and encouragement. He needed a bit more monitoring as they couldn’t tell his heart rate from mine, I must admit at this point I was struggling to use the techniques during the contractions but my husband tells me I kept using them in between to calm down again.

Oliver was born and we got to do immediate skin to skin and all the things we missed with our first little boy which was just wonderful and then discharged early Sat afternoon.

If I had not done your course I think I would have been a complete mess, instead I felt calm and positive going into labour and trusted my instincts a lot more during. I felt more in control of what was happening around me and was able to communicate with the midwives throughout. Thank you for giving me that knowledge. I will definitely continue using the methods as I have found them useful when generally stressed or anxious (I have even found my 2 year old saying relax, relax, relax when panicking over potty training!).

I have recommended you to a couple of friends who are expecting soon and who had difficult 1st births and I believe they will be booking your course.

Thank you again.

Natalie, Martin, Toby and Oliver.