Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing: Is hypnobirthing right for me?

Is Hypnobirthing Right For Me?

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“If I had not done your course I think I would have been a complete mess, instead I felt calm and positive going into labour and trusted my instincts a lot more during. I felt more in control of what was happening around me and was able to communicate with the midwives throughout. Thank you for giving me that knowledge. I will definitely continue using the methods as I have found them useful when generally stressed or anxious” Natalie, 2016

Pain: With hypnobirthing, we give you a fantastic method of pain management.  Did you know that your expectations of pain have a stronger influence on your experience of pain, than drugs do? Did you know that your experience of pain is significantly affected by fear? Did you know that by relaxing, you can reduce your sensations of pain? This is not mumbo jumbo. It has been scientifically demonstrated by neuroscientists and psychologists.

“I felt in control and the contractions were entirely manageable” Anna, 2013

Birth:  With hypnobirthing, we focus on the positive aspects of birth.  Did you know that birth can be a positive experience?  Did you know that your body has been designed to birth in peaceful, calm, loving way?  The hormones involved in birth aren’t adrenalin (the fear, emergency hormone).  They are endorphins (the feel good, pain killing relaxation hormone) and oxytocin (the love hormone).  But in a society which portrays birth as loud, scary and dramatic, we have lost touch with this basic fact about birth.  Why not get back in touch with the positive aspects of birth, to help you look forward to meeting your baby?

“It was really calm in the delivery room and the staff all thought the music should be piped into the other rooms as it worked so well!” Frances, after her first baby, 2012

Dads: With hypnobirthing, we focus on dads.  Did you know that the most important thing that a birthing companion can do, when at a birth, is remain calm?  Did you know that your adrenalin levels may rise during labour, fuelled by your instinct to protect your partner?  This might make the birth more difficult?  This class is designed to help you to enjoy the birth of your baby, by feeling confident, in control, loving and calm.

“I was part of it, rather than a spectator” Ross, first time dad, 2009

Babies:  With Hypnobirthing, we focus on your pregnancy. You take time out every day to listen to your hypnotic MP3s. Taking time out to relax each day, in a deep and hypnotic way, releases endorphins into your body, and these cross the placenta to your baby.  The hormones that you release during pregnancy affect the brain development of your baby. Time and time again, we hear people talk about how calm their babies are.  We believe that if babies could talk, they would choose a hypnobirth.

“She came out calm, taking in her surroundings in a calm manner” Anna, 2013

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Why Mindful Mamma?

The Mindful Mamma hypnobirthing workshop is the only hypnobirthing course to be devised by a Hypnotherapist and a Clinical Psychologist.  We use cutting edge evidence based knowledge about the mind and body, to inform what we teach.  We only have hand selected and qualified professionals as our teachers.  We teach it in one day.  This means we concentrate on keeping the techniques simple and easy to do, but above all, they really work.   We consistently get outstanding feedback from mothers, fathers and midwives alike. Do not be put off by people who tell you that you need to do a longer course to feel the benefits.  This simply isn’t true. You do need to practice regularly, and we show you how to make sure that happens.

{I just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic course, and for giving me the tools and confidence to get the birthing experience I wanted.} Natalie, 2013

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Why Mia Scotland?

Mia has been teaching hypnobirthing for over 9 years, and has taught nearly 1000 couples.  She teaches midwives on a regular basis all over the country.  She is an Expert Contributor to Pregnancy and Birth magazine, and Mother and Baby magazine.  She is a birth doula, and has been to over 30 births.  She is a clinical psychologist, so she understands how important fear release and mindset is to good birthing.  As a psychologist, she is by definition professional, as well as being flexible and able to adapt to individual and class needs.

“Mia had a lovely approachable manner…overall a great experience…Many thanks.”   Feedback form, anon, Sept 2007

Still not sure?…..

Are you tired of all the negativity surrounding birth?

We are bombarded with images of labour as a medical, difficult, painful and scary event. During this classes, we put this back in perspective and help you to reconnect with a sense of excitement about pregnancy and birth.

Have you had a previous caesarean section?

Our services can help you to towards a natural and normal delivery by helping you to stay calm and confident throughout your birthing. If you don’t know why calm and confident is important for a natural birth, then these classes will make it clear.

Have you had a disappointing or difficult previous delivery?

Our classes maximise your chance of doing things differently this time, by helping you understand what all women need in body and mind, in order to have a gentle, natural and satisfying birth.

Do you prefer to be in control of things?

The techniques that you will learn put you in the driving seat. During the classes, you will be given the knowledge and skills to be calm and in control throughout the birth. That’s why we say “have it your way…”

Does the thought of birthing scare you?

Relax. Knowledge is reassuring, and with our classes, we give you the knowledge to not be frightened any more. On the contrary – look forward to this amazing opportunity of having your baby!!

Although you can’t really put a price on improving your mindset and wellbeing, the benefits  of taking this class include:

  • Calmer baby, who also benefits from your feelings of relaxation
  • Feeling calm, confident and positive about your birth
  • Enjoying your pregnancy with confidence, joy and excitement
  • Addressing and releasing any fears you may have of birthing and parenting
  • Your birthing partner will understand just how important their role is and rather than feeling helpless, know what they can do to help
  • Learn amazing and powerful relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques to use on the day
  • Learn what your birthing zone is, how it can make for a quicker and more comfortable birth, and how to create and stay in it.
  • You’ll be able to create a relaxed environment, wherever you birth, using hypnosis, and NLP technique
  • Learn how to build a trusting relationship with your midwife

To find out more, phone 0845 868 5904 (local rates) or 07969 830 929 or mail Mia at mia@yourbirthright.co.uk.or Book Now