Birth Doula Service: Why hire a doula?

Please note that Mia is not currently taking doula bookings. She is still here for one to one support though, both before and after birth.

Research shows unequivocably, that if you want to dramatically increase your chances of having a natural birth without intervention and without the need for drugs, then hiring a doula will help. Research also shows that if you hire a doula and do end up with intervention, you reduce your chances of developing traumatic psychological symptoms after the birth.

{Mia was a fantastic doula and I would recommend her to any-one. She made me feel calm and safe}

A doula is some-one who provides:

  • continuity of care
  • independence from the hospital
  • expertise and knowledge about good birth

A doula is some-one who is there with you throughout labour.  She doesn’t go off on a shift change.  She is a familiar face that you already know, not a stranger.  A doula is there for you as a whole person, she can care for you without also worrying about protocols, medical procedures or how your baby is doing. A doula supports you in what you want, not what she thinks you should want, and not what she thinks the hospital want. A doula knows about birth. She has seen births before, she knows the hospitals, the procedures, and she knows how to increase your chances of getting a great birth. She knows how to stay calm and focused, to help you stay calm and focused too.

A doula is not:

  • a midwife or medical professional
  • a replacement for the father
  • some-one who will tell you what to do

A doula does not intervene in the midwife’s job of keeping you and your baby safe. She has nothing to do with the monitoring of the baby, or of your progress in labour. Neither is she a replacement for the father.  On the contrary, she is a support to him too.  She will help him understand what is happening, she will grab him a sandwich if he needs it, or remind the midwives of the things that he may especially want to do.  Finally, a doula will not tell you want you should do.  She will listen to what you want, and then help you to get it.  Like a wedding planner, she doesn’t tell you what to have at your wedding, she finds out what you want, and then helps you to get it.

Why hire Mia Scotland?

  • Please note that Mia is not taking any further doula bookings at present. She is still here for one to one support, both before and during the birth.
  • Mia is a trained in psychology – she understands the psychological conditions that are important for helping women birth at their best, in a way which not all midwives’ or doctors do.  This is a degree level of training (First class honours).
  • Mia is a clinical psychologist – she is trained in listening to and responding to people, and in adapting to your individual needs as they change and arise. In times of stress, she is trained to contain the situation and calm things down instantly. This is a post graduate MSc. or Doctorate.
  • Mia is a psychological therapist, specialising in hypnosis techniques.  This means she can help you understand and overcome things that get in life’s way, such as blood phobia, or previous birth trauma for example.
  • Mia has had three children, in different circumstances, but they have all helped her to really admire and be comfortable with what a birthing woman is experiencing.
  • Mia knows all the Mindful Mamma® and HypnoBirthing® techniques and can help apply them easily and effectively on the day
  • Mia has had specialist training in the Psychology of Birth from the reputable Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers, and understands what makes for a better birth.
  • Mia has regular contact with midwives, and teaches them in the psychology of normal birth and hypnosis for childbirth on a regular basis. In other words, she gets on well with midwives, and this helps with the smooth running of your special day.
  • Mia has had fantastic feedback from previous clients and great statistics. To see more, scroll down!

{Thank- you for the amazing, invaluable job you did. We will be eternally grateful and will never forget the massive part you played in everything}.

What about after the birth?

Good question!  A lot of people worry about the birth, and prepare very well for that.  But the birth is just the start, after which you need recovery time, you need to manage attentions from others, you need to establish baby feeding, you need to feel pleased that you are now a mother, you need to feel satisfied that dad is coping okay etc. The NHS will ensure that your baby is gaining weight, and is there to answer any questions you might have, but a doula has the time to offer you so much more. Psychological support to help those first few weeks be amazing.  After-the-birth support is still available.

Mia has been to over 30 births, including the following:

Derby hospital, QMC, Nottingham City hospital, Lincoln hospital, Leicester Royal Hospital, Leicester City Hospital, Burton-Upon-Trent hospital, home births, vaginal births after caesarean, vaginal births after two caesareans, scheduled ceasarean sections, and inductions. Over 90% of births have been straightforward vaginal births, and two have been “en caul” (born in the sac – a rare but gentle birth).

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