Mia adapted to our specific needs

Severine’s story: ” At 36-week pregnant, the idea of having a doula was budding in my mind and meeting Mia confirmed that it will be possible since we got on well.
The preparation was really essential for having the birth we believed in and we wanted. Listening to the CD, repeating the different sentences, watching hypnobirth videos was an everyday “homework” that was needed. I still remember that I found a little bit ridiculous to have to read out loud some specific sentences, but it gave me more confidence slowly but surely. Having Mia as a doula really perfected even more this preparation and made everything possible. Since I was getting anxious, Mia adapted to our specific needs, did a fear-release session and really helped so much by “coaching” us for the preparation and during the labour.
We had the natural birth (without painrelief) that we wanted in hospital. At the Leicester General Hospital, the staff was brillant and actually very supportive for my natural/hypnobirth. With the help of my partner and Mia, I felt comfortable and things were progressing so that Camille was born at 11am. I think I lost “hypnobirth breathing” control at the end and pushed my baby as I felt really tired at that point. I had a tear that required stiches but most importantly our baby girl was on my tummy. The moment when she opened her eyes and looked at me was magical and unforgettable. Our baby is still so alert and calm…and beautiful.
My partner and Mia were crucial for supporting me, I held both their hands at the end. It’s difficult for me to remember exactly what happened, since I was in a world of my own really. It was very intense, I did not feel the need of pain relief at any stage, but the last part was hard. I am very happy to have had a natural birth, that’s why I think our baby is so alert and happy.
So many people around me did not believe me when I said I’ll have a natural birth and and kept on telling me that I would beg for an epidural that I am proud now to have done what I planned with my partner, Mia and my baby!”