I don’t need time to recover

Hi Mia

Firstly I just wanted to say thank you, my second birthing experience was so much better than my first and I feel that hypnobirthing played a big role in this, I feel so much better about the whole thing this time, Tim said it seemed a lot easier (he thinks it just happened like that) but like I said to him it was very well planned out this time, I spent 3 months doing hypnobirthing, 2 months doing yoga and a month of acupuncture to try to prepare my mind (and body) to ensure the birth was a positive experience and do you know it really was! I cant say it was pain free or enjoyable but it was hard work for less than an hour and I honestly feel great.

I was having strong braxton hicks for days but by wednesday afternoon they were 10 mins apart, we took Alex to the park and I was loosely timing them in case it was contractions and not braxton hicks, we were playing football at 5pm (the braxton hicks/ contractions were now 5 mins apart but not painful).Our daughter was born 5 hours later.

I called the hospital and they said come in for a check, we dropped Alex round at my mums then went to hospital (we even parked 10 mins away and walked in). We got seen at 7pm and the midwife said she would check my contractions, they had been about every 5 mins, but the midwife monitored me for 10 mins and I didn’t have one so she said she didn’t think I was in labour and was going to send us home. She offered to do a sweep to see if that would help, which she did and found I was 4cm dilated. She went off to check if I could stay. As soon as the midwife leftthe room I had 3 contractions in a row, typical!!

She came back and said it was ok to stay, we went down to the birthing room and off she went to get my antibiotics (I had GBS), Contractions were stronger butstill ok (not really painful). The midwife came back and tried for about half an hour to get a canular in for the drip, She couldn’t, so had to get a doctor, it must have taken about an hour for then to sort it out but I
eventually got hooked up to the drip, I lay on a giant bean bag for half an hour while they filled the pool and my antibiotics went in, the contractions were pretty strong but not too painful and still 2 mins apart to plenty of time to rest between.

I was concentrating on relaxing and breathing during the contractions when my body decided it was time to push, this is the only time it got painful, I was trying to do the opposite to my body, it was pushing and I was trying to get it to relax and stop, once I told Tim I could feel the head and the midwife that I couldn’t stop my body from pushing she quickly unhooked me from the drip, got me up and clothes off then helped me into the pool, which was really nice as I could kneel (I was on the Gas and air by this point, only for the last 5 mins of labour tho) As soon as I got in the pool I felt between my legs and felt the babies head crowning, had to actually hold it in during the next contraction as my body was pushing so hard, i didn’t want the baby to shoot out and tear me, next push the babies head was out (the midwife was out of the room), I checked and the cord was round her neck so lifted it over and 2 more pushes she was out! The midwife was back in the room at this point.

I was in the hospital for 3 hours before Evelyn was born, and they wanted to send me home! My labour was recorded as 6 and a half hours and pushing stage as 2 mins!

I feel sooo much better this time around, I don’t feel like I had just has a baby. When I had Alex my body was in shock, I had 12 hours of the worst pain I have ever experienced, I was smashed to bits, mentally, physically and emotionally. This Time I can honestly say it was hard work for less than an hour and painful for less than 30 mins, I dont need time to recover, just time to get to know our new baby.

She is beautiful(looks loads like Alex) and so content, she hardly cries and is no trouble at all, Tim’ s around to help, Alex is enjoying her new role. Im sure it will be hard some days but at the moment its easy going, she has just fitted right in.

Thank you again Mia you showed us a possitve birthing experiance is possible.

Best wishes Sarah x