Workshops: Antenatal Mental Health

Antenatal Mental Health; Using Psychological Skills to Help Families in the prenatal period

Antenatal Anxiety and Depression is on the increase, and fear is an increasingly important psychological issue in the perinatal period. We will explore the phenomenon of fear, anxiety, depression, ocd, tokophobia and more, during pregnancy.  We will explore the impact this can have on the family, and help you be more confident and aware when talking to families. We will show you simple and effective techniques for helping a woman reduce her fear, both antenatally and during labour.  Learn how to manage your own fears too with on the spot relaxation and hypnotic techniques.

{I would like to send my heart felt appreciation for an incredible day yesterday. It has given me much better insight and “tools” in to how to reduce womens’ fears and anxieties in pregnancy and childbirth.  }

We will cover:

  • The psychology of fear and anxiety
  • The impact of MH problems on the family
  • Antenatal Care, not Scare
  • Harnessing the placebo effect
  • How our mindset impacts on pain and birth
  • Types of anxiety and depression, including OCD, tokophobia and trauma
  • Tips for identifying problems and what to do
  • Talking so women will talk
  • Case studies


Presented by Mia Scotland, Perinatal Clinical Psychologist and author of “Why Perinatal Depression Matters”.

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