Workshops: Coping in the NHS: resilience and self care

Coping in the NHS: Developing Resilience in your work

You will not find a course like this anywhere else.

Are you struggling to enjoy your work in the face of ongoing pressures at work? Are you frightened of becoming burned out, demoralised, and drained? If so, this workshop is for you. Relight your passion. Learn simple and effective techniques to keep you strong and resilient.


{This was more than I ever expected. Brilliant Mia, mind blowing!!”}

You already know that compassionate care makes you a better birth professional, but you might be finding it harder in the face of ongoing challenges of working in the NHS.  Learn the psychology behind compassionate care, learn simple and effective techniques for enhancing your compassionate care, and learn techniques to build you personal resilience to help you continue to be compassionate and safe.  This workshop doesn’t just tell you to care, it shows you how to care. Compassionate Mind Training (CMT) turns “being supportive” into a science.

What you will learn

  • The science behind Compassionate care – understanding the three emotion regulation systems
  • Understanding the psychology behind compassion during the perinatal period
  • Understanding how your threat system is activated, and its impact on your effectiveness as a midwife
  • How to activate and enhance your soothing system to promote well-being of the mother and her baby
  • Learn specific techniques for life, to help you cope with the stresses and strains of being a midwife, so that you can enhance your care of mothers and babies
  • Free “enhance your self compassion” relaxation cd, all handouts and lunch included

Read more about what to expect from this workshop, from a recent blog of mine:

“People come back a lot to my workshops. But why do they come back? I don’t actually know, and any good marketing consultant will tell me I need to know that.  Okay, how do I go about that? I do feedback forms.  They tell me that people “loved it”, found it “inspiring” and “really useful”.  But I’m still left not really knowing.  It’s sometimes the same in therapy. People change and turn their lives around, but I’m left thinking “which bit actually made the difference?”

And the answer is in the question. It’s not one bit that does it.  It’s the package.  I use hypnosis in my work, and that means that I focus on how people feel more than what they know.  So, my workshops aren’t so much about what facts you learn.  You can learn facts by getting on your computer.  (And then, when you’ve got off your computer, if you’re anything like me, you can promptly forget them again). Hypnosis works at a deeper level than your cognitive, rational mind. It transforms how you feel.

So, in my workshops, we integrate the facts bit. If it’s about compassion, I give you the science and physiology behind compassionate caring. I give you a working definition of compassion.  I tell you that there is a very important difference between compassion and empathy, and that you need to know the difference to protect yourself from burnout. But I also work at the emotional level.  The workshop is designed to enhance your motivation and excitement.   You leave feeling that you are an amazing midwife already, and the course helps unlock that potential even more.  I leave you wanting to get back to work, and be excited about your next appointment.  It also translates to home life, not just work.  I leave you wanting to go home and cuddle your children or your dog.  I leave you feeling encouraged.  Not just because it feels nice to feel great, but because research shows us that it makes you a more compassionate midwife.  Win-win”. 

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