One to One Therapy: Therapy and counselling

Struggling?  Or just want to be the best you can be? From therapy to life coaching, I can help.  Give me a ring on 07969 830929 or email

Unfortunately, it is human nature to struggle a lot at times.  Our complicated brains have an incredible ability to analyse and imagine the worst, along with other skills such as comparing ourselves to others, thinking negatively, blaming ourselves, feeling guilt, feeling inadequate, worrying about the future, worrying about the past etc.  When life throws a few blows at us, such as relationship break-ups, bereavements, traumatic events, struggles at work, this can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  It is not your fault.  It’s human nature.

Fortunately, it is also human nature to love a lot and laugh a lot.  Our complicated brains have an incredible ability to enjoy the moment and remember the best, along with other skills such as seeking the company of people who make us happy, enjoying our spare time, mastering skills and gaining accomplishments. Just by thinking happier thoughts, we create changes in our biochemistry that help us feel better.

{it has had a huge positive impact all round. I’m now managing to eat properly and have come back up to a healthy weight, I sleep better, have more energy and basic things I used to get anxious over are now mostly a non event.}

Mia is skilled in counselling. Having space to talk, and having some-one who really listens can be an amazing experience that words can’t really describe. Added to this, cognitive behavioural therapy can help you to gain skills and techniques to manage difficult feelings.  Finally, hypnotic and NLP techniques can get you back in touch with the positive, strong, loving, relaxed part of you that is in there, some-where.

So, whatever you may be struggling with, therapy and counselling can get you through it  more quickly and help you come out the other end feeling stronger and more positive.  Mia’s approach is an experienced, eclectic mix, but it is always designed to get you back to the you that you want to be, as quickly as possible.

Cost per session:

  •  £90 per session (school times)
  •  £120 per session (evenings)

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