Birth isn’t the horror that people make it out to be….

Hi Mia,
I just wanted to get in touch and let you know how well our birth experience went!  We went to your workshop when I was 32 weeks pregnant.  Since then I have listened to my relaxation tapes and affirmations each day and have read through the hypnobirthing book about 6 times.  We were due on the 10th Feb so not expecting to be early.  On Saturday morning 30th Jan at 9am I noticed contractions which were uncomfortable rather than the painless Braxton Hicks I had been experiencing so got into a warm bath to relax.  After a while I started to feel like I needed to move around so got out of the bath and just walked around.  Meanwhile Marty was on the phone arranging for us to meet as friend for lunch so when he ended that call I said I’m not sure we’ll make that as I don’t feel right today!  I went and relaxed over a gym ball and started playing my relaxation tape and he was instantly saying we need to call the midwife or hospital and I was arguing that we’d have much longer to go if if labour had only just started so we should wait.  He phoned the labour suite at QMC where we were booked anyway at 10:00am and they spoke to me on the phone and asked me to come in for a check at 12:30.  We went down to the hospital with bags packed just in case and to my complete shock I was fully dilated and was advised that I should start pushing! Marty set up the room with LED candles, gave me some tissue with lavender oil on and played the relaxation track on repeat so with no drugs Naomi was born weighing 6lb 15oz and the midwives commented on how lovely a birth it was as I was so calm and they said it was so rare for them to see a drug free birth.  I think this was all down to the Hypnobirthing which made the experience so positive for all of us. I’d love to share my story,  it’s so nice to learn that birth isn’t the horror that people make it out to be!  I’ve attached a pic of us 3 after the birth.  You can see the LED candles and my phone which was playing the relaxation mp3’s in the background too!

Thank you!


Liana and Marty